The United Clans Of Manda'lor


We are a proud group and the only thing that matters to us is honor, loyalty and family. We are Mandalorians, and our only allies are other Mandalorian clans, as well, as the Republic. The Death Watch and Sith saberjockeys are our enemies, so stand with me ner'vods and we will destroy them all!

We no longer help the Sith because when we did, we were always betrayed and scattered. But now we rebuild, and we will fight them all to defend our friends and families. We will take back what was once ours!

The Death Watch traitors are also false Mando'ade. They have renounced the code and mock us by doing so. They are a disgrace to our people, so we will fight them to the end!

                          LONG LIVE THE MANDALORIANS

character app's

In order to become involved and interact with others you must first read the rules. Then you must go to the Character App Guideline and Template. From their on you will work on your Character App and wait for it to be approved.